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Product Questions

Product Questions
1. If your product's battery is faulty
"My Gadget Doesn't Charge Any More"... The Battery Issue
We all know it from our cell phones... batteries can be a headache.
Some batteries are great and seemingly last forever. Other batteries of exactly the same type start to run out quicker, and don't hold charge as well.
(For some tips on prolonging battery life see our article here.)
The lifetime of a battery depends heavily on:
how often you've used the device;
your charging habits;
how full or empty the battery has been and how many times;
environmental influences such as heat and humidity.
    Rechargeable batteries can also be permanently reduced in capacity if you leave them completely drained for a long period of time. To keep your batteries healthy keep them charged and in use.
    Alljammers products have the batteries tested and confirmed OK when entering our warehouse stock, and we ensure proper stock turnover so no products are expired when we send them out.
When you receive your items, charge the batteries fully before use, as we do not pre-charge the batteries for you on all items.
Warranty Limitation on Batteries
For the "usage affects lifetime" reasons mentioned above, it is virtually impossible for us, the wholesaler, to tell if a battery is "faulty", or just simply "naturally worn out" by your own use.
Therefore the general 12 month product warranty from Alljammers does NOT apply to rechargeable batteries.
Please note our policy as follows:
Your product batteries are covered against faults for the first 30 days from the time you receive your goods only. Within this time if there is a fault we will assist you with replacing the faulty items. Normally this will be via a special delivery of the new batteries.
If, within this 30-day limited warranty period, the batteries will not recharge, or appear to drain too fast, contact us with your order number and the product code, and we will give you information about what levels it should be functioning at and confirm if it is faulty and can be replaced.
(We reserve the right NOT to make a special delivery in rare situations that the delivery conditions in your destination, or prevailing China exit Customs practices, prevent or restrict us from shipping only-battery parcels. In such cases we will still send the batteries free, but it would have to be together with an order of larger items.)
Outside this limited warranty period, customers are requested to pay for deliveries of spare batteries. In such a case, contact us and we will tell you how much you need to pay, as these items are not listed on our website.
If you are buying in wholesale quantities for resale in your own shop, or you are a dropship vendor, we advise you to support your customers directly vis-a-vis the battery issue. For a small extra fee we can add extra batteries into every new product box when you order, or sell you bulk packets of new batteries. Please speak to your Alljammers sales representative when getting a quotation for your new order.

2. Are Alljammers's Products Good Quality?

"How do you ensure the quality of the products?"
Alljammers sources unique, hi tech products from China Mainland factories. The factories are often OEM manufacturers for big, well-known electronics brands. Their product quality is excellent, but we know that sometimes, factory production line error rates are simply not strict enough. You need to maintain a near-perfect image with your customers, and that means the minimum of product problems.
To guarantee the quality of the products you buy from Alljammers, we've put in place a rigorous Quality Control process for all our products.
    Every product you buy from Alljammers has been quality controlled by our QC technicians before it was put on the warehouse shelves.
  *All products are visually inspected for good appearance.
  *All products are switched on and have their main functions tested one by one.
  *All packages are checked to ensure they contain the correct accessories. Accessories such as earphones and cables are tested as well.
No other supplier in China will go to the same lengths to guarantee the quality of your products.
That's why at Alljammers we promise you:
Western Quality,China Prices

If your product's battery is faulty
If your product's battery is faulty
If your product's battery is faulty