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About Us

Who we are ?
Alljammers(china) Co., Ltd   is a developer, manufacturer and reseller of cellular phone jamming devices company. We provide cell wireless communication products (cell phone jammer, gps  jammer, wifi  jammer, prison jammer, car jammer, cell phone detector and  cell phone Signal boosters for all over the world.

Why choose us ?
1. Good R & D team- We have  focused on the prison intelligent shielding system, anti-terrorism communications jamming system, anti-terrorist security system for three years, doing the R & D and installation of high-end communications jamming and detection systems for the whole world. The company has a strong R & D team, which is recognized as research pioneers in the field of researching electronic shielding and electronic countermeasures.
2. Strict quality control- Our products have been accredited as being of the highest quality and the most trustworthy in the industry. We have covered our devices to more than 80 countries and regions, which has a higher market share in the asien countries, the Middle East, Britain, France.
3. Our Moto is Quality, Integrity and professionalism - All our products are designed to exacting standards, focusing on performance, reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies.
4. Competitive prices - We have been working very hard to improve our productivity while ensuring high quality. The prices of our various products are the most competitive on the market
5. 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee, Timely customer service and technical support , No minimum order.